2019 and counting….

Whether as a result of New Year’s resolutions or the mild weather, we had an excellent turnout on Sat. – over 20 walking and 12 at breakfast.
As is our way, we walked and talked in fluid, changing groups – covering an enormous range of topics over the course of the walk and our meal. This is something that always delights and entertains me so I have tried, as I have done in past, to capture just some of the subjects covered. Here goes: does TPW have a policy on how we promote ourselves;  recent good movies seen (thumbs up to Vice and The Favourite);  the sad state of board governance for many non-profits and the need for relevant training; the on-going soap opera down south and whether we would want to take on a senior role in politics when we are 78 (not that we wouldn’t do it brilliantly, but would we want to?); the foibles of the entrenched rich; whether or not to make  New Year’s resolutions and much more.

It strikes me that women’s conversations are rarely depicted as being so rich and varied in popular fiction – more work to be done there.

Wishing us all a happy and healthy 2019 – and remember that a good way to ensure both is to ‘walk the distance’ with TPW!

And don’t forget to put Feb. 9 in your calendar for our winter meeting.  Start time 10ish so you can walk first. Location Diane’s.

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