We were very lucky to have good weather on Saturday morning as the rumoured rainfall held off entirely (which is a very good thing because I had been caught outside – defenceless –  during that torrential rain storm on Wednesday afternoon and it was NOT a happy experience!).  And it was such a fun race with lots of entertainment as we strode along the downtown city streets and out along Lakeshore Blvd;  DJs were playing, drummers were drumming, cyclists were spinning, people were meditating (okay, those people were very silly – this was a race after all) and the occasional laugh out loud sign being held aloft.  There were even some cooling fans spraying water mist at us as we went by,  lovely against the hot sun.
A bunch of us began the race together and even though we powered through the race at our own individual speeds (congrats to the speedsters among us!) we all finished upright and smiling (well, grimacing at the very worst) and then joined together again afterwards for refreshments at the local coffee shop.  It was a fun day, in aid of some very worthy causes,  and after an afternoon nap – I found I wasn’t sore at all.  Bonus!
And one more thing:  we have a date of July 21 for Rorie’s pool party so please save the date.  More social engagements to come.

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