We are an informal group of walkers dedicated to walking for fitness and pleasure, training to achieve our individual goals and enjoying the companionship and inspiration of like-minded women (and a few good men).

We are serious about our walking but equally serious about laughing, talking and eating breakfast. Many of us started as JeansMarines and carry on Jean’s tradition of caring for and encouraging each other.

We are inclusive and welcome the occasional runner but our emphasis is on walking – whether strictly for pleasure or to better your half or full marathon time. We are all ages, all sizes and all degrees of fitness but we share the belief, that with time, training and tenacity, we can walk the distance, step by step.

To get in touch with us,  send an email to: torontopowerwalkers@gmail.com 

And a big thank you to our Sponsor – Harbord House!

Where We Meet

With new lockdown rules announced for Toronto, as members of TPW we  adapt our practices in line with the rules .

The guideline is no more than five people in an outdoor group. As such when we gather on days when there are more than five of us ( e.g. Sat. in the cemetery)  splitting into groups of five or less would make us compliant with the guidelines .

One group can gather down the road a bit just beyond our cars and the second group gather inside the gate,  just off to the left away from blocking the entrance.

For our safety, please wear a mask when gathering. Feel free to remove your mask when walking, if its ok with your smaller group.

The most important thing is to walk and be safe!

We walk at varying paces for varying distances according to our training plans, the weather, and personal goals.


We usually meet the ‘mailbox’ at Rowanwood and Cluny in Rosedale @6:30pm. BUT during COVID we are meeting at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery  @ 4pm.

In the spring/summer for a few weeks, we do hill training at Sherwood Park (Sherwood Ave, east of Mt. Pleasant).  Check the TPW Calendar  for the most up to date details on where we are.


We meet at 8:30am @ Mt Pleasant Cemetery, just inside the Yonge Street gates (November to early May) – even during COVID! If it’s really icy or very very cold, we could walk in other places like Yorkdale mall or along the downtown PATH (if they were open), or stay safe at home, and maybe even find a YouTube yoga video to do.

We meet at 7:00am and 8:00am at the Grenadier Restaurant in High Park (Early May to late October) – let’s hope in 2021 that we will be back there!

Check the TPW Calendar for this week’s distances. (sorry, we haven’t kept it up to date, with no races to formally train for…)

Come and join us!


Spring and hope

Spring – I love this season. It is hope made visible. Who could imagine there were so many shades of new leaf green – each sweeter and more tender than the next – and what can top the candy-floss blossoms of the magnolia and cherry trees? It all fills me up with joy despite being …


This is the best way to reach us!   Send us an email describing your questions, concerns etc and someone will get back to you soon.

If you want to know where we meet and when, check out Where We Meet on this webpage.